“Across the globe our cities have a measurable pulse and a gravitational pull drawing us to opportunity and experience. Over the past several decades this gravitational pull has come at a cost. Cities around the world continue to suffer from broken systems, damaged ecologies and economies that work not for the planet but against it. We have all awoken to the fact that the pulse of the planet is directly linked to our health and well being, that the performance of a river tributary is directly linked to our own blood stream. Today the challenges we now face have forced us to think differently about our cities, our future and the legacy we will leave distant generations. We see a different future and are committed to the task… the resilient cities of the future must be born and supported from the strength of their environment and in turn if we are to thrive in the 21st century we must respect, enhance and protect the natural systems that support us all.”

    Drew Wensley, CEO, Moriyama & Teshima Planners
    From “ Novel Ecosystems” A Landscape Frontiers Publication,
    LAF Beijing, China, 2016