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Wadi Hanifah

Imagine ... an urban generated river flowing in the heart of a desert nation, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, within an ancient basin - the Wadi Hanifah. What would happen if this critical natural heritage resource died?

As recently as 2001, the river was so polluted from direct dumping of industrial and municipal waste water that animals and fish float dead in its waters. It was so damaged that an entire eco-system along its shores and within a 4500 sq km catchment area was close to extinction.

Now imagine that - through a completely natural yet ground-breaking processes of naturalization and bio-remediation - an inspired client and a team of planners, landscape architects and engineers, over a period of almost ten years, succeeds in saving Wadi Hanifah. An eco-system is restored to its natural greatness and continues to be the sustainable source of life for the City that it once was.

The Arriyadh Development Authority as client, working closely with Canadian architecture and planning firm Moriyama & Teshima, in partnership with UK engineering firm Buro Happold, has achieved this very feat: through a visionary Master Plan, Restoration Program and ongoing enhancements. Wadi Hanifah is living and thriving once again today.

Wadi Hanifah

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